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The Comet in Queenstown  |  Trey Ratcliff
God’s love for YOU extends to the end of time. What you do will not affect that. Keep Your Faith. Keep serving. Keep loving. Keep doing your best.  —Marc Phun (via marcciato)

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We all have areas where we need to come up higher. Perhaps you’ve struggled with a certain area year after year. Instead of getting down on yourself or trying to find solutions on the internet, maybe it’s time to pray and say, “God, I need Your help. I’m asking for Your strength.”
When you humble yourself and admit that you cannot do it on your own, that’s when God can enter the scene. That’s when He can turn it around. A lot of times we think of dependency in a negative light, but dependency on God is not a weakness; it’s a strength. It enables you to tap into His power. When we yield our weakness, that’s when God shows up the strongest. But when we don’t turn to God, really, that’s a sign of pride. We’re saying, “God, I don’t really need You to help me run my life. I’m doing okay. I’ve got it all figured out.” God will step back and let us do it on our own.
Today, what is holding you back? Surrender it to God. Let Him do His perfect work. Find strength in your dependency on Him.

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For God to mend your broken heart you must give him ALL the pieces. You can’t hold any back.  —Rick Warren (via worshipgifs)

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